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Personicity helps you define what's important to you and put yourself on a track to achieve your goals.

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Latest News

12/23/2017. Added the Wheel of Life. Chart your balance across roles in life. At this time the chart only plots one set of stats but we intend to be able to show your progress from year to year.

12/2/2017. Poked the app with a stick to make sure it was still alive.

6/2/2017. The most important tasks show up on the front page. Limited to 10 unchecked tasks on the front page with a link to all tasks below the list.

5/17/2017. More user experience updates. Better visualization on the roles page, improved ways to get from screen to screen.

5/11/2017. Now you can set up habits required to reach your goals, and track how well you stick to successful habits.

4/27/2017. Simpler UI.

1/31/2017. Now drag goals and tasks to change order of appearance.

12/3/2016. Minor UI updates.

11/15/2016. API works for adding a goal to an existing role. Check it out on any goals page. Security fixes.

11/2/2016. First API function tested. Although nothing usable was created tonight we have a usable API prototype to build upon.

9/28/2016. We're working on API features to allow us to build a smartphone app to integrate with this site. This part is tricky and is taking some time.

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